Frequently asked questions

What do you mean by 'all inclusive' packages?

It means that everything you see listed in our packages page and everything we show you in the room is included (unless the you have come for an ‘open day’ when our suppliers may have set out something special or you visit on a day when the current bride has brought her own items - and then we will clearly point those out!)

YES all the flower arrangements, centrepieces, linen, silver and glassware in our room are included, (It seems obvious to us, but people ask?!)

NO we don’t charge you to turn on our massive 12 metre fairy lights wall (we put them there for you, it would be rude to charge for them!)

YES our linen chair covers are tailored, don’t fall off or get all 'static' and stick to your dress. Your choice of silver or white satin sashes is included in the price - if you choose any of our 52 colours they’re $2.20 pp (no surprises)

So how does the drinks package work?

When we say we have an unlimited drinks package, that covers soft drinks, fruit juice, tap beer, wine, champagne, tea and coffee for the duration of your function.

YES we include sparkling wine all night, (not just for the toasts) people actually like bubbles!

YES we continue drink service to the end of the function.

NO we don’t stop service a half hour early to encourage your guests to leave quickly -- that’s just rude.

Your all-inclusive packages include the wedding cake?

Yes it does. You can choose from 16 flavours and hundreds of designs included in the package, or you can bring your own design for our cake designer to cost for you. Sometimes making your own design may cost a little more, but we'll give you all the prices up-front for you to decide. For functions with up to 140 adults we include a 2-tier cake, for more than 140 it automatically upgrades to a 3-tier cake.

YES we cut and bag it and serve it to your guests free-of-charge

NO it’s not going to be your dessert - you get a real dessert included in your package.

Will my price increase before the wedding, and does it include GST?

NO we will not ever increase the price of your reception once you've signed the contract. There is no 'increase' clause because that's just rude. Once we agree on a price it is fixed for ever.

YES our prices are all advertised to include GST. (you do remember our 'no surprises' approach, right?) Yes there are other venues that add the GST on to their advertised price - yes it is illegal (and annoying and rude and ...) but they still do it. We don't - ever!

Can you recommend other suppliers - like photographers, fireworks etc?

YES we can recommend a number of very reliable, trusted suppliers from photographers to videographers, florists, candy bars, photo booths, the list goes on. We won't promote just anyone - we will only recommend someone who has been to Colebee a number of times and has always received great reviews from the couples who used them.

NO we don't take a kick-back or payment from our suppliers - all savings are passed directly to you. We only recommend them so that we can be sure you are getting reliable, professional help.

Do you also host birthday parties, school formals, corporate launches and wakes?

Yes, yes, yes and yes. We are a function venue not just a wedding venue and if we don't already have a package that will suit your needs, we're very happy to design and price one for you.

Do you host same-sex weddings?

Really? You need to ask? If you are here to celebrate love, we are here to cheer you on and help you have the day of your life!

Do you cater for special dietary requirements and is there an extra charge?

We certainly do our best to cater for everyone - including gluten-free (though we do use gluten in our kitchens so coeliacs take note), dairy free, vegetarian, vegan, paleo and specific food allergies like shellfish, nightshades, chillies etc. We cannot cater for kosher functions, though we can and do cater with halal meats whenever requested (though once again, we do use pork products in our kitchen). No, there is no extra charge for serving these dietary requirements.

Can I create my own package? Can I swap things out in an all-inclusive package? Can I make up my own running order for the reception?

Yes, Yes and YES! We really mean it when we say that we are totally focussed on creating your wedding celebration your way. We'll quote on tailored packaged, we'll change items, timing, and inclusions whenever we can. Because we have our 'one wedding, one couple' promise it means that we have so much more flexibility and less rules than those venues trying to juggle multiple couples in multiple rooms all at the same time.

If I have the ceremony in the park, do I have to have it at a certain time, or in close timing with the reception?

No, we don't hold you to certain times. You can have your ceremony whenever suits you (and there is availability in the park schedule) and you can start your reception whenever you like too. Remember our promise of 'one couple, one wedding'? That means that the whole day is yours to use as you wish, we're not trying to fit you around another couple or group of couples.